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Space & Aviation

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Space & Aviation

This nascent sector in the country is yet to attract precedent setting matters. However, the fledgling industry in the country, especially in the space technology sector, has its challenges and legal issues. The arbitrary and ambiguous policy environment coupled with the legislative void has created more issues than solutions. With the Government, through ISRO, being the major player in this sector, the potential for growth and consequently the host of legal service consuming businesses is immense. With the resolve to be at the forefront of cutting edge technological growth and to address the issues of the industry at the time when the same is desired, our lawyers have developed a keen interest and expertise in understanding the issues involved in the space law and policy domain, as well as the challenges that may come up in future. We have:

Represented a leading In-Flight Entertainment and Communications service provider seeking entry into the Indian market to understand the current legal and regulatory regime surrounding the same;

Represented a leading manufacturer of communications equipment used on navigational vessels in negotiation and compliance obligations under the Indian Telegraph Act pertaining to satellite communications;

Acted as Expert Advisors to the leading broadband policy advocacy group in the country in pushing for opening up of the satellite communications sector to a wider private sector audience;

Advised clients on impact of Satcom policy on competition in the sector.

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Beyond Technology, Media and Telecom, TMT Law Practice serves a wide variety of diverse industry sectors and its legal challenges, from more conventional BFIS and Infrastructure to the new age Technological and StartUp sectors.

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Beyond Intellectiual Property Rights, you can rely on TMT Law Practice for diverse Legal competencies from Arbitration to Litigation and from Corporate Disputes to Competition Law, White Collar Crimes, Contracts, Data Privacy and Public Policy to name a few, those we have been serving for a iconic brands and businesses, eversince.


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The best in business that serve our Space & Aviation Team

Abhishek Malhotra

Abhishek Malhotra

Managing Partner, New Delhi

Sapna Chaurasia

Sapna Chaurasia

Partner, Mumbai

Shilpa Gamnani

Shilpa Gamnani

Senior Associate, New Delhi

TMT Law Practice

Established in 2008, headquartered in New Delhi, with branch office in Mumbai, TMT Law Practice is India’s premiere Law Firm in segment of Technology, Media and Telecom, behind India’s iconic clients and judgements, often cited for “Where Law Meets Innovation”…

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