Abhishek Malhotra

Managing Partner

TMT Law Practice, New Delhi

Abhishek Malhotra


Abhishek Malhotra is the Founding Partner of TMT Law Practice. He has two decades of experience and is member of both the State Bars of California, USA and Delhi, India. His primary areas of expertise are Intellectual Property, Commercial Dispute Resolution and the subject areas of Technology, Media & Telecommunications. He has advised Clients in minimizing legal risks and devising strategies for safeguarding against criminal and civil liability.

Specific Expertise:

  • Prosecution / defence of suits, proceedings and appeals in respect of infringement of intellectual property rights, as well as commercial litigation concerning employment, information technology, and competition issues.
  • Drafting and negotiating agreements, especially pertaining to the intellectual property and related fields, including Media, information technology, broadcasting, pharmaceuticals.
  • Advising clients across industries, including luxury brands, information technology, media, hardware equipment manufacturing, pharmaceuticals, broadcasting.
  • Advising clients and giving opinions on the creation, maintenance, management, and enforcement of IP rights, including assisting in prosecution of trademarks and copyright in India.
  • Advising clients and giving opinions on Commercial Contracts, Government Advisory, Criminal Matters, Land Acquisition and Property matters.
  • Advising clients and giving opinions on public policies & Regulatory Frameworks.

Professional Activities:

  • Abhishek has provided inputs to the Government of India on issues of copyright, data privacy, satellite communications, etc. Abhishek is also a guest lecturer at the Indian Institute of Information Technology.
  • Abhishek was also the Chairperson at the INTA Annual Conference on the topic of strategies for brand owners in the BRIC countries (Seattle, 2009).
  • Abhishek advises several think-tanks, and, associations in the field of Technology, Media & Telecommunications.

Abhishek has spoken at the:

  • National Judicial Academy, Bhopal on Enforcement of Trademark Rights – Civil and Criminal Remedies (May, 2008);
  • Indo-America Chambers of Commerce conference on Doing Business in India from an IP perspective (Dallas, April 2008);
  • Indo-America Chambers of Commerce conference on Leveraging Intellectual Property Rights for Business (Mumbai, June 2007)

Abhishek Malhotra

  • California Bar Examination (Class of 2001)
  • LL.M. (I.P.), Franklin Pierce Law Center, Concord, New Hampshire, USA (Class of 2001)
  • BA LL.B. (Hons.), National Law School of India University, Bangalore (Class of 1999)

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