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Public Policy & Regulatory Affairs

The political, regulatory, and legal landscape across the globe is posing several challenges to the businesses. We engage with clients closely to understand their business and the specific compliance requirements. It is no longer a ‘free’ world in the true sense if the word. Whether it is protectionism, terrorist threat, commerce, or plain vanilla demonstration of authority, we are now living in an increasingly Regulated world. Inherent in the decision to regulate is also the decision to forbear. But even the latter confers the power on the regulator to take such a decision. And, more often than not, courts are always intending to interfere with such ‘policy’ decisions, unless, of course, the policy is patently arbitrary, unreasonable, or unworkable. In such an environment, we have, over the last 4-5 years, witnessed a sudden spurt in exercise of regulatory powers by the different departments of the Government. The TRAI, DOT, SEBI, DIPP, RBI, MIB, MeITY – have all been busy and have kept the businesses and the citizens equally engaged, both in a participative manner during the consultation process, as also as the beneficiary of the direct consequences of such regulation-forbearance.

TMT Law Practice is strategically positioned – both geographically (located in the Capital – the nerve center of all policy-regulatory activity), as well as by virtue of having handled advisory as well as litigation work in the regulatory space, across sectors-ministries. Our lawyers are principal advisors to leading Think Tanks, are often called upon to offer expert advice on matters of current importance by periodicals and the electronic media and have been on committees and working groups that have advised / offered assistance to government departments on critical and cutting-edge issues. These have included inputs to amendments to the Copyright Act, 2012; membership of the committee set up to finalize India’s position on the Draft WIPO Broadcaster’s Treaty; commenting on the Commercial Space Activities Bill, the Personal Data Protection Bill, the Flight & Maritime Connectivity Rules, Proposed Amendments to the E-Commerce Policy & Consultation Paper.

Our lawyers have worked with government agencies, policy forums, and have an in-depth understanding of the legislative process and of how government agencies function. The attorneys at TMT Law Practice also have extensive litigation experience that is not just of the legal framework applicable to the specific sector, but also about the key requirements and concerns around compliance mechanism, liabilities of businesses. Our services are designed as a handholding exercise, encompassing the entire length of understanding the business, and framing commercial strategies around the regulatory framework.

Representative experience of our lawyers in this practice area is set out below:

  1. Assisted the Ministry of Human Resource Development in the capacity of an expert member of the drafting sub-committee considering the amendments to the Copyright Act, in 2003.
  2. Assisted NITI AAYOG and worked with the Telemedicine Society of India in drafting the Telemedicine Practice Guidelines.
  3. Assisted FICCI in drafting the “Self-Regulatory Code of Conduct for e-Diagnostics in India”.
  4. Assisted Bureau of Indian Standards Telehealth Subcommittee under Health Informatics Sectional Committee, MHD 17 in drafting standards in the field of health informatics.
  5. Advised on policy related issues, while acting as Honorary Principal Advisor to Broadband India Forum.
  6. Advised on policy related issues in the healthcare sector with specific focus on tele health and informational privacy, as a member of the Regulatory Committee of the Telemedicine Society of India.
  7. Advised clients in the space technology sector on the extant framework and have assisted in making formal representations specific to the regulatory vacuum plaguing the sector.
  8. Represented several forums and clients at open house discussions, and high-level stakeholders’ meetings organized by government and private agencies, alike.
  9. Our public policy lawyers have assisted in drafting Private Member’s Bills in the relevant sectors for facilitating business requirements.
  10. Assisted clients in preparing responses to the consultation papers and have advised clients on the consequences of implementation of such proposals.
  11. Our lawyers have served as resource persons at Over-the-top, Intellectual Property, Digital Economy, Space law, and Health-IT conclaves, on legal issues and pending policies.
  12. Our lawyers work with the representatives at State and Central levels in technology-oriented discussions, viz., in the space, healthcare and finance sectors.


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Beyond Technology, Media and Telecom, TMT Law Practice serves a wide variety of diverse industry sectors and its legal challenges, from more conventional BFIS and Infrastructure to the new age Technological and StartUp sectors.

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Beyond Intellectiual Property Rights, you can rely on TMT Law Practice for diverse Legal competencies from Arbitration to Litigation and from Corporate Disputes to Competition Law, White Collar Crimes, Contracts, Data Privacy and Public Policy to name a few, those we have been serving for a iconic brands and businesses, eversince.


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The best in business that serve our Public Policy & Regulatory Affairs Team

Abhishek Malhotra

Abhishek Malhotra

Managing Partner, New Delhi

Sapna Chaurasia

Sapna Chaurasia

Partner, Mumbai

Karan Kapoor

Karan Kapoor

Associate, New Delhi

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